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Celebrate Unicorn Day at Wonderboom Junction!

National Unicorn Day is celebrated on 9 April, and this year, Wonderboom Junction is joining in on the mythical fun with a unicorn-themed celebration for the little ones.

A little more about unicorns

Unicorns (the name of these fabled creatures refers to the single horn on the unicorn’s head) have a storied history, with depictions of the horse-like animals making an appearance as early as Mesopotamian times.

Various cultures have references to unicorn-like animals, and they are mentioned in Indian, Greek and Chinese myths and legends, among others. The unicorn is famously the national animal of Scotland, too, and these beautiful animals are considered a symbol of magic, strength, purity and love.

National Unicorn Day is meant to celebrate the one-horned beauties, and the attributes they are associated with.

Unicorn Day at Wonderboom Junction

Prepare for a fun-filled Saturday at Wonderboom Junction’s dinosaur-themed Play Park, where the kids will be amused by Wonderboom’s beloved mascot, Boomer, along with loads of other entertainment.

Children will be enthralled by a play, and will love the balloon sculpting and face painting that will also be on offer on the day. Unicorn-themed arts and crafts will keep the little hands busy when they’re not being used to munch on the free popcorn, slushies and cotton candy that kids can enjoy. Each child will also receive a goodie bag to take home.

Unicorn Day at the Wonderboom Junction Play Park will be celebrated on Saturday, 9 April from 10:00 to 12:00. Space is limited, and only 50 children can attend, which is why bookings are essential. To make a booking at R150 per child, please visit the Wonderboom Junction website.

Wonderboom Junction cannot wait to welcome kids to a magical, colourful celebration, filled with unicorns, rainbows and all things fun and beautiful!

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