Time to get ready for holiday shopping at Wonderboom Junction

Time to get ready for holiday shopping at Wonderboom Junction

And it’s the time of year when kids are thinking about toys. And gifts. And gifts of toys.

Wonderboom Junction brings you so much choice when it comes to finding that perfect gift to put under the tree. And the first stop? Toys R Us and Babies R Us. Where else would you find a range of toys so massive that you’ll be spoiled for choice? From games to plushies, from dolls to remote controlled cars. There is no end to the options available.

For something a little more home grown and homemade, there’s Die Geskenke Trommel. Gorgeous one-of-a-kind tree decorations jostle for space with exquisitely crafted gifts for both children and adults. Get lost in a world of possibility and wood carved ornaments.

For a splash of fun and décor, The Crazy Store always has something that will surprise and delight. Gifts and decorations abound!

For the older children, perhaps a lovely item of jewellery from American Swiss or FZ Jewellery will add the right touch of sparkle. And remember, you can always fill their stockings with outstanding accessories from Charisma and Newlands Accessories. There is a style for everyone.

If your kids have been searching for those perfect shoes, that fun graphic t-shirt or ideal summer outfit, you don’t have to go far. PEP, Tekkie Town, Mr Price, Ackermans and so many more clothing stores have the latest in fashion and you can get that all in just one centre.

And once you are done with all your browsing and shopping? Take a break and enjoy a tasty treat at any one of Wonderboom Junction’s fabulous restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets. Get a cup of well deserved coffee at Abreu’s, Cappuccinos or Mugg & Bean.

For something more fancy, there’s Baobab Café and Grill. Fish and seafood? Ocean Basket has you covered. Chicken? Barcelo’s, of course. Remember you can also take your favourite snacks home with you with Steers, KFC and the Sausage Saloon all serving quick tasty meals.

And, if you and your children need to take breather, there’s some fun for them at Wonderboom Junction too. Wonderboom Junction has a fantastic play area, Boomer’s Play Park, which boasts a dinosaur shaped jungle gym. Let them play, climb and have fun as they explore the play area.

This exciting play area can be found around the corner from Cappuccinos and Baobab Café and Grill, which means it’s an excellent place to stop before or after a tasty and filling lunch.

The play area is an open public area, so there is no braaiing, loud music or alcohol consumption allowed.

Get an early start on the holiday shopping and feel the spirit of the season start to creep in as you find all you need in one spot at Wonderboom Junction.