Treat yourself to some tasty food at Wonderboom Junction

Treat yourself to some tasty food at Wonderboom Junction

Wimpy has been serving up delicious food and treats since 1934. Yes, Wimpy really is that old. The fast-food chain started out in Indiana, United States. The chain then expanded to the UK in 1954 and in 1967, Wimpy opened its first restaurant in South Africa in Murchies Passage, Durban.

Now you can enjoy your favourite Wimpy meal at Wonderboom Junction. Sit-down or takeaway, Wimpy still brings its patrons excellent service, delicious food and value for money and they can be found opposite TOPs.

Wonderboom Junction has a wide selection of delicious takeaway options for those wanting to satisfy their hunger. Barcelos brings magnificent chicken to the table in a fine marriage of traditional, healthy food and quick, efficient service.

And, if we are talking chicken, we must mention good old-fashioned fried chicken at its finest from KFC. Whether it’s a Zinger, wings or a bucket that you are a fan of, KFC provides satisfying fast meals for those on the go.

Steers brings the flame-grilled burger. Smothered in their famous sauce, there is nothing like a Steers and chips to keep hunger at bay. And hotdogs? Wonderboom Junction has hotdogs! Sausage Saloon has become well known for their wide variety of yummy hotdogs.

Let’s not forget that all important cup of coffee – or tea. Cappuccino’s, Abreu’s  Coffee Roastery and Mugg & Bean are the ideal venues for a long afternoon with friends over delicious hot drinks.

However, if you prefer something a little more on the formal side, experience the freshness of fish and seafood with Ocean Basket. And if you are looking for tasty fusion food with a relaxed atmosphere, give Baobab a try, and let the variety on the menu guide your tastebuds.

Of course, we can never forget dessert. What better way to enjoy that sweet treat than with the famous Milky Lane and their massive range of ice cream and desserts.

With so much to choose from, you may not have an idea what to choose! Get yourself to Wonderboom Junction and enjoy tasty treats today.