Mugg & Bean | Wonderboom Junction

Mugg & Bean is where people gather to experience the true spirit of generosity. This is not a term we use lightly, and it’s what keeps our customers coming back for more. Mugg & Bean customers know what we’re talking about. They keep on returning for our famous bottomless coffee that keeps conversations alive for hours, our giant muffins that make you go “Wow!” the first time you see them, our generous portion sizes that can satisfy any hunger, and our friendly staff and homely atmosphere that make everyone feel welcome.

  • Ground - Shop G17
  • 012 543 0162
  • Mon - Thur: 7am - 6pm
    Fri: 7am - 5pm
    Sat: 7:30am - 5pm
    Sun & Public Holidays: 8am - 4pm


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