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These are the latest summer fashion trends

Spring has ushered in the warmer weather that is characteristic of South Africa during the last part of the year, and you’ve probably been thinking of revamping your wardrobe in order to align it with what’s currently on trend.

To help you out, Wonderboom Junction offers a quick look at what is hot and happening in the fashion world this summer.

Micro miniskirts

Fashion trends from yesteryear are making a comeback, and the iconic mini is also returning this summer, hailing the end of the midi skirt’s years’ long rule of the runway. Style it with a coordinating top or blazer.

Small cardigans

In line with the philosophy of less is more, tiny cardigans are all the rage. Not only do these little jerseys help to keep you warm on the odd chilly summer night but wearing them also means your finger is on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of couture. Crocheted tiny cardigans are especially popular, making for a simple project that even beginners can try out.

Low-rise pants

Characteristic of the 90s and a part of the return of that era’s fashion, low-rise pants are coming back, whether you like it or not. Get ready to bare your midriff and shake your booty like it’s 1999.


The hit Netflix show Bridgerton catapulted corsets into the 21st century, and contrary to what you might think, these accessories will be far more popular in summer 2021/2022 than the loungewear that became all the rage due to the pandemic and remote work.


This fabric, that has certainly become associated with warmer weather, is making a comeback this summer. Featuring striped, check or plaid patterns, you can expect to see this material featuring in a lot of the blouses, dresses and skirts that will grace the shelves of your favourite clothing stores this summer.

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